of wishes and magic

Blow that candle on your cake.
Close your eyes despite yourself.
The back of your hand, bogged down by the weight
of an eyelash lost and wishful.

Your coin falls nervous
Into the well,
The depth a likeness
of your endless blackness.

Star light star bright,
A dandelion pure and white.
Too small for world peace, too ashamed for money.
Most of all, too proud for love.

A semblance of normalcy
Your most urgent appeal.

You detest their simplicity,
These people around you.
You smirk at their stupidity,
Then choke on your arrogance.

Sour grapes won’t go down easy.

Wanting to die.
Painlessly, quickly.
Then hoping to live.
Peaceful and happy.

Pick half full and join the Normals.
You tap her shoulder and venture a smile.
But Hope doesn’t know you –
It’s been a long while.


I hope and I wish,
Ardently and wholly,
For a wish that would end wishful thinking entirely.



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