the 8th of March

I am human,
He is too.
They don’t believe me,
And his word is gospel.

I push hard against the walls
Of this glass box they’ve built.
Escape seems possible
For a few lying seconds.

I shout out real words!
They smile, amused.
They hear but won’t listen,
To logic and reason.

See-through and sound-proof.
Must be seen and not heard.

I am woman.
He is man.
Both of us human.
I understand.

But here I am in this case made of glass,
While you carry on pretending
To fiercely protect, to madly love,
To truly care

For me.

Your world; your oyster.
Mine depends on your mood.

Are you feeling challenged?
Are you feeling grateful?
Do you feel benevolent?
Do you fancy a joke?

I am human.
You are too.
Not greater than me,
Not lesser than you.


7 thoughts on “the 8th of March

  1. @ RAMBLING MAD, Break the glass box, come into open space and take a deep breath. while inside, you being seen different and you feeling different than what you actually are.. So come out of the box. You got the power within you to do so.

    At the end it is same as you wrote below “it is some where in head”. find the key to open that “somewhere from head” .and remove.
    The challenge is to find out the key from the jungle where you thrown it sometime back.

    Good one; This

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    • 🙂 thank you so much. i really loved what you wrote about abuse too. and you’re so right – most women don’t even recognise it as abuse. not while they’re going through it, and definitely not when friends or family go through it. like you said, a lot of wives/girlfriends/partners think it’s part of being an adult. so as an extension, most people who fight abuse aren’t really supported. i still meet women who say things like they’d want to leave their husbands, but if they did, their moms would disown them… 😦 depressing.

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      • Thanks a lot. A friend is going through a very painful phase but refuses to leave her husband because she thinks society isn’t kind to divorced women. So yes, many refuse to get out of these relationships voluntarily. In fact a lot of happy couples also let some things slide because they don’t want to break down the relationship, but these things start building up till they finally rip apart a family. Then the blame game starts, when in the first place such practices should never be borne out. What can you say, we are a twisted people.

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