spring cleaning

Nostalgia – tricky little wench!
You never walk alone
For fear of being discovered
As the shallow broad you are.

Always a tiny step behind
Your click-bait for the day.

Things I love

For their sake alone,
You trick me into believing
It’s just for you.
Your delightful charm!

Those sounds, those smells,
Those sights and that taste.
Rain and song, chocolate and perfume…
Letters and photographs.

Love and hate.

Mirages they are;
Memories real

And imagined.

But I’ve weaned myself off of you.
I see you for who you are;

An enabler to my dependencies.
Your lies are no match
For these glasses I wear,
Rose tints washed off.

Innocence and I
Have said our goodbyes.

Your scent’s no longer comforting,
Your voice, cantankerous!
Your laugh empty…

Empty and insecure.

I’ve grown increasingly sure
That I don’t care for what was.
You don’t fool me anymore,

I am free.

To make my own choices.
To have new beginnings.
To trust my own instinct.

“The world forgetting, by the world forgot”.

Take your baggage with you
And shut the door on your way out.